Bet you thought I was dead or something! Nope, I'm still here, and this is still the only place to read TUS6.

I'm doing a little bit of cleanup, and today I removed the dead links over on the Other Seasons page.


Another touch-up, this time some fixes to the FAQ.


Another year has gone by, and I've done a few more minor tweaks to a couple of sections. The Links page has been updated with some new text and the removal of some outdated links, and the same goes for the Other Seasons page. Not much, but at least you know we're still alive.


I've done some touch-ups on all ten episodes, eliminating typos and the like. I've even added a new final "coda" scene to the finale, "The Way Home." Feel free to look if you like.


Here I am again, over a year later, with a few touch-ups to the site.

I've removed the Sliderchicks sixth season link; their project is now dead in the water. I've also done some more updates to the blurbs on the Other Seasons page.

You'll also notice that I've removed the poll from the front page. As stated below, I've decided that I'm happy with how the season ended as it is, and don't wish to change it. Sorry, but thanks to everyone who voted!

Want to read more stuff from me? Swing by my page on Fanfiction.net some time.

One final, important note: My e-mail address has changed.

That's it for me now. Hope you still enjoy the stories. Thank you to everyone who's ever taken the time to e-mail me feedback on this site.


Man, can you believe that Sliders only ended in Febuary of 2000? Just a little over a year later, there's now eleven season six web sites out there, including this one.

That's right, today we've added our tenth link to yet another season six page over in the Other Seasons section, per usual. This time, it's for The Lost Sixth Season.

So, after so many sites already being out there for so long, what could possibly be new about yet another? In a word: plenty. After Rembrandt's slide from Seer World, he manages to meet up with Wade and Colin, who have reunited in their own journeys. Add to that the fact that he also finds the Professor, who has a new, unusual ally - Logan St. Clair. If that's not enough, the entire season has already been posted up for your perusal. That's a full set of episodes with a whole new vision. I suggest you go.

We'll catch you later.


Hey, look over there! It's TUS6! And it's doin' stuff!

Yes, I've added another season six (which has already moved on to a season seven) to the Other Seasons page. Who's new now? Why, Slider8, and his Interdimensional Rift site, that's who.

Oh yeah, we've also got a new button-sized advertisement for TUS6 available to you on the Banners/Art page. You like?


Yet another season six has been added to the Other Seasons section. This time it's for PVT's second attempt at a continuation, titled the Supplemental Sixth Season. How many season six sites does that make, now? There's eight continuations linked from the Other Seasons page, plus this one, which makes at least nine. Seem like a lot?

Well, guess what? That's still not all of them. More links are forthcoming. Pretty soon we'll have the most complete season six links page on the 'net, with banners for each. Groovy.


I've updated some of the blurbs for the various links on the Other Seasons page. Plus, there's a new link on the page. It's for Slider75's Multi-Universe of Sliders. He's got a spinoff series called "Wade's Journey" which leads into his own season 6 and season 7. Go there.

Oh, Slidemania has also started up his season seven now, over on his site. Give that one a look-see while you're at it.

Plus, there's also another new redesign over at Earth Prime. You might want to check it out. I'm seriously considering bagging it up.

Oh, yeah.

What else? Well, that farewell note is on the way. And so is a virtual season of yet another Sci-Fi series. Stay tuned.


I've finally decided the inevitable... TUS6 is, indeed, over.

Yes, I've been talking about a "TV Movie" continuation for some time. I ultimately decided against it. Why? Because there's no new ground to cover. We pride ourselves on our originality here. If I wrote a "TV Movie" adventure that featured, say, the return of Arturo or Wade, imagine how much of a retread it would be. There's countless Season 6 sites out there that explore saving Wade post-"Requiem" or that retrieve Arturo from "Post Traumatic Slide Syndrome" world. TUS6 has no desire to cover the same ground again. We had a realistic finish that reflects what Sci-Fi might've done if they'd chosen to wrap up all the loose ends. Bringing back those characters certainly isn't something that Sci-Fi would've realistically done, sadly. What's more, telling those stories would conflict with our mission to be unique. Certainly, some TUS6-only aspects would come into play, but not enough to make it a truly fresh 'Sliders' experience for the readers.

So, in an effort to preserve the respectful, realistic, and heartfelt conclusion the series had in TUS6's episode 10, there will be no more adventures. You are, of course, free to e-mail me and gripe about this. You never know. Maybe you can change my mind, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

I'll continue to update the site with more links to other seasons, plus a final farewell message to all you wonderful readers, before too long.

Thanks for again for reading.

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