Another Season 6 site? What gives, bro? How are you so unique?

Actually, at this point we could say that we're one of the two longest-running Season 6 sites on the 'net (the other longest being Slidemania's). We may not have the fanciest layout in the multiverse or have the official backing of Phoenix Virtual Television, but we're extremely proud of what's being done here.

What makes us unique is that, unlike what some of the other Season 6 sites might try to accomplish, we 'play the ball where it lies.' TUS6 deals largely with the characters and situations that Sci-Fi left us with, and attempts to offer closure on a number of unresolved issues.

In addition, this is the only Season 6 site out there that tells its stories in script format. Why do we do that? Because it works better for me, and because I feel that some of the best fanfic on the 'net is in script format. As one example, ever seen the fourth season site for 'Millenium'? If not, you can find it through Phoneix Virtual Television through the links page. There, you see? I rest my case.

When do new episodes go up?

At the moment, they don't. The season is complete, but I can tell you that stories went up on a bi-weekly basis during our initial run. Also, the site still updates on occasion, and the details to that are found on the News page.

Can I link to your site?

You bet! Feel free to grab a Banner if you want.

How many episodes will your season be?

At this point, 10 episodes is all there will be.

Why only 10 episodes?

Because we strive to make each episode somewhat unique in the annals of 'Sliders.' That, and the fact that each episode is damn hard work. You'll probably notice that the stories here often tend to be longer than what you find on other sites. And, seriously, each one is a tough effort that I poured sweat and tears into. That's balanced out by the fact that we have less episodes. In other words less episodes mean Doug no go crazy.

Look at it this way 10 episodes means one episode more than the first season of the show, and only three less than the second.

What is your story content 'rated'?

Again, we're shooting to be the best possible follow-up to what Sci-Fi gave us. That means that none of the story content will be any worse than what you can already see on 'Sliders.' People getting shot and possibly stabbed, maybe a tiny bit of blood, some light sexual innuendo, some soft swearing. The series was usually rated TV-PG, and that's about as bad as it gets here. Take from that what you will.

How big is your staff? Who all is on it?

Actually, when I say 'we', I mean 'me.' I write the stories, I run the site. It just works out best that way, because this makes it one strong vision. This probably helps to explain the question of why the site design isn't a java-laden calvacade of CGI Rembrandts or what-have-you. There's just not that much time.

I love your site! Your Season 6 ROCKS the house up and down!

Well, don't just sit there, e-mail me saying so! I can always use the support to make all the effort worthwhile.

Dude, you suck! The other Season 6 sites kick your tail six ways to Sunday!

Hey, to each his own. Fanfic is out there for YOUR enjoyment. Read what you like -- no one's forcing any one website upon you. In fact, I absolutely encourage you to try out all of the Season 6 sites! Decide which one you like best. There's links to them all on the Other Seasons page.

Hey, are you ever gonna bring back Quinn/Wade/Professor Arturo/Colin?

Take a look at the episodes, my friend. You'll see who came back, if anyone, and who didn't, if anyone.

What kind of work goes into each episode?

Well, first there's the actual writing process, which takes most of the week, and involves me frequently going back through the episode text to correct earlier errors as I move forward. Then, for about a day or two, I sit down and re-read the episode. Revise, revise, revise. There's continuity checks, character checks (would so-and-so do that?), dialogue checks (would so-and-so say that?), and more. It's a lot of effort for me, but it's worth it to present to you all my vision of how 'Sliders' should end.

Whatever happened to 'The Standard Package'?

For those that don't know, 'The Standard Package' was the episode that was originally teased as being the third entry in TUS6. It was to focus on the sliders landing in a world where physical beauty standards in California are enforced and would have explored the question of who defines beauty, and how. However, I didn't have it planned out as well I did the other episodes of the season. As a result, when I sat down to write it, I found that it fell into every Sliders cliche imaginable the lost timer, the captured comrade, etc. Those can be okay if used one or maybe even two at a time, if they are done very well. But lumping them all together? My season strives to tell unique Sliders stories, so the episode was scrapped. Another idea that was in the back of my head, 'Greek Life', was written instead. And I assure you, we're all better off for it.

What exactly does 'Slider Gaiden' mean?

Well, the obvious references is 'Ninja Gaiden', the old-school Nintendo game. And that's part of the gag -- it works as a ninja reference in that way. However, it also works literally. "Gaiden" is the pronunciation of a Japanese word that literally means "side story", "short story", or "story". So we have a Japanese word that means story. What's that add up to? Japanese Slider Story. See?