Here's a couple of banners that you can use on your pages to link back here.

This first one is a banner that I put together. I'm rather proud of it. The motion blur and static effects seem to work particularly nicely.

Mere minutes after slapping out my own banner, 'Hakavonn' sent me this little beauty. It may not have the dramatic tagline, but it's notably brighter and seems to have more of an "oomph" to it. The text includes the address, which mine doesn't, plus it brings out the nostaligia feelings with the altered dialogue from the opening of the show. It's also bigger, so it can call more attention to itself if you like. It's a matter of preference here, so you can use this banner as well, if you prefer.

Finally, here's a small "button" link for the season, for those of you who want a smaller link image. Isn't is cute?


'Hakavonn' didn't stop with his banner. He also put together some graphical representations of the Season 6 'theme song', if you will. Notice the faded vortex in the background -- very smooth.

Here's an earlier version of the same concept, once again from 'Hakavonn.' It's not as wide, so it fits on all monitors, plus the exclamation point after the title is lacking, which I can't decide if I prefer or not. The faded vortex is replaced with one behind the logo at the bottom. I may actually like this one better.