Episode 1: "Home Is Where Hell Is" -- Rembrandt lands on Earth Prime, alone and surrounded by Kromaggs. When the virus doesn't seem to work, a familiar face is his best chance at ending the threat to his homeworld once and for all.

Episode 2: "Crosses of Saints" -- Back on Seer World, Rembrandt finds the other sliders about to go to trial. And the situation only gets worse when, after three years, Logan St. Clair shows up... and she wants Quinn.

Episode 3: "Greek Life" -- Sliding off of Earth Prime, the gang ends up 'on campus' on a world that doesn't seem to have any major oddities to it...

Episode 4: "It's Okay" -- A mistake by the police and a controversial public figure add up to trouble on a world where heterosexism is to the 21st century was racism was to the last two.

Episode 5: "Slider Gaiden" -- The sliders are chased by a mysterious assassin in a California dominated by Japan.

Episode 6: "Faith" -- After seeing a man mysteriously explode in front of them, the sliders journey to a world where they find hope for the future. But the people of this world seem to have some unusual beliefs.

Episode 7: "The Difference, Part 1" -- On Mallory and Diana's homeworld, the gang tries their best to take care of business... but doesn't get the welcome they expect.

Episode 8: "The Difference, Part 2" -- The sliders discover the government's secret, and try once more to separate Quinn and Mallory.

Episode 9: "Layover" -- Still reeling from the events in 'The Difference', the group slides on when a revelation from one of the gang renews them in their mission.

Series Finale: "The Way Home" -- The final slide?