Surprise! The site's moved back. And there's some bad news, I'm afraid.

The staff of the VS has vanished from the Internet. They cannot be found or contacted, and I (Doug) appear to be the only one left. As I've said before, I no longer really have the time to be working much on this site... and certainly not single-handedly! As such, I'm afraid that the site must now go on an indefinite hiatus. When things start to repair themselves and we can once again bring your new episodes of The Lone Gunmen VS, you'll hear it here as well as on Phoenix Virtual Television.

Remember folks, the Lone Gunmen aren't dead no matter what Ten Thirteen says. Peace out.


The site has moved. This site, as you see it here, is going to remain, but if you want more than four episodes (and I KNOW that you do) then you need to move over to the new address.

Go to The new Lone Gunmen VS Page, where episode five is already up. And take good care of your new webmaster, while I try to lighten my workload a little. See you there!


Today's heaping helping of delicious goodness is episode four, 'Actual Malice', which comes your way courtesy of Holly Surbaugh. Check it out over on the Episodes page. I think this episode's image is pretty spiffy.

Of course, please take the time to e-mail her at Lane8@aol.com and let her know how you feel about her first episode on the site. You can also react over on the message board.

Also feel free to keep on keepin' on when it comes to those staff applications. This site will soon undergo some big changes, and you can still e-mail your staff applications to me. Don't forget to provide any other fanfic writing examples that you can, that you feel are appropriate.


It should come as a surprise to roughly no one that 'Actual Malice' - our fourth episode - has been delayed until next week.

It seems that we operated much better on the old "one episode every two weeks" schedule. As such, our next episode after that will not "air" until August 11.

For now, though, see you next week.


Good news for everyone who likes it when the site doesn't look like crap. We've got episode images once again coming your way. Finally, a linking image is avaiable for Episode 3, over on the Episodes page.


We're back! Uh, finally.

First off, episode three is here - 'Take Me Out' is a light piece that should tide you over for the next week, we hope. E-mail CptDallas@yahoo.com, which is me, the author, with your reactions, or else check out the board.

Oh, and sadly, we've lost a staff member recently, due to other commitments, so we're again looking for a fourth staffer for standalone episodes! Send a fanfic example to the e-mail that I... uh, just posted right there.


We have a bit of a problem.

Two computers. One has a wrecked phone line. The other computer? Fried. All thanks to a storm that went through the area last night. No amount of surge protection, it seems, could save us.

I'm writing this to you all from work. And I'm hoping that maybe one of the computers will be functioning by the day's end. If so, episode 3 will go up tomorrow - but there won't be any episode images to go with the episodes for a while. We'll have to make do with text links to the episodes. We won't have image links until I can get the fried computer working, or purchase a replacement. We apologize for that inconvenience, but once I can make images once more, I'll catch up.

On the other hand, if I can't get one of these things working by tomorrow... well, the episode will be delayed two weeks. When we come back, we'll have one episode a week (instead of every two weeks) for three weeks straight in order to catch up. That's the best we can do.

Thanks to everyone for understanding!


A quick apology to all the very cool would-be VS writers that're still out there, but I think we've got a staff that we're happy with.

Yeah, it's only four people, but that keeps us tightly knit, making a good cohesive whole that can converse well about the potential episodes on the slate, and still gives us each of us approximately two months in-between our episodes on the current schedule.

Or, at least roughly, considering that the next episode is me again, but well, you know what I mean.

Thanks again to everyone. We'll see you in two weeks with a new episode on June 30.

Evening, 6/15/01

Lots to talk about today, so let's jump right to it.

First up, the big news - A Sort of Homecoming, Episode 2, is now up. You can find it on the Episodes page, of course. And when you're done, be sure to leave some reactions/comments to it, either by e-mailing the author, Sally Helmerich, or posting some thoughts up on the board.

Secondly, there's a new staff member added to the Staff page. Welcome to Jesyka Hayworth.

Finally, many thanks go out to Phoneix Virtual Television Online, who've added us to their killer lineup of virtual programming.

There. How's that? Enjoy. Next episode in two weeks.


Added a link to The Warehouse to the Links page. It's a site filled to the brim with Gunmen goodness, including guides to the first season, their numerous appearances on The X-Files, and archives of stuff from the TV Tome Gunmen site (which I must also recommend you check out). In fact, it's so filled to the brim, one might even say that it's "brimming." Or, one might not.

Anyway, see you in a few days...


There's been a lot of questions about when the next episode will go up. Right now, we're planning on doing one every two weeks. You can expect episode two to be online sometime over the weekend of the 15th.

Also, we've added a new staff member to our - get this - Staff page. Who'd have thought? Anyway, welcome Holly Surbaugh to the fold.


Welcome to the official unveiling of The Lone Gunmen Virtual Season.

Our first episode, 'Blind Mice', is now up on the Episodes page. Feel free to react to our introductory effort by e-mailing the author. Which, actually, would be me.

Hopefully, you'll find it a satisfactory conclusion to the first season cliffhanger. When you're done, you can discuss the episode on our Message Board.

Also, note that we're still looking for staff members. Think you've got the right stuff to help out with standalone episodes? Then, again, mail me.

And be sure to stay tuned. This is merely the beginning.


You want news? Here's news - the site exists. I mean, c'mon, the show was just cancelled. What do you want from me?