I've finally decided the inevitable... TUS6 is, indeed, over.

Yes, I've been talking about a "TV Movie" continuation for some time. I ultimately decided against it. Why? Because there's no new ground to cover. We pride ourselves on our originality here. If I wrote a "TV Movie" adventure that featured, say, the return of Arturo or Wade, imagine how much of a retread it would be. There's countless Season 6 sites out there that explore saving Wade post-"Requiem" or that retrieve Arturo from "Post Traumatic Slide Syndrome" world. TUS6 has no desire to cover the same ground again. We had a realistic finish that reflects what Sci-Fi might've done if they'd chosen to wrap up all the loose ends. Bringing back those characters certainly isn't something that Sci-Fi would've realistically done, sadly. What's more, telling those stories would conflict with our mission to be unique. Certainly, some TUS6-only aspects would come into play, but not enough to make it a truly fresh 'Sliders' experience for the readers.

So, in an effort to preserve the respectful, realistic, and heartfelt conclusion the series had in TUS6's episode 10, there will be no more adventures. You are, of course, free to E-mail me and gripe about this. You never know. Maybe you can change my mind, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

I'll continue to update the site with more links to other seasons, plus a final farewell message to all you wonderful readers, before too long.

Thanks for again for reading.


For those wondering, TUS6 didn't win the site competition back in September. It was one of the two sites that closely battled for second. Thanks to everyone who voted for us.


The Tripod popups are back. I have no idea what to do about it. It appears that the HTML location of the popups has changed to make them... invincible.

So, here's the deal. Until I come up with a better plan, just leave open the first popup that appears when you come to the page. Minimize it or something. That way, you won't have a new one opening every time you go to another section of the site.

And if anyone knows of a better solution, e-mail me and let me know. Thanks crew.

Early A.M. 9/25/00

Hey, kids! How's it going? Things are still being worked on slowly for the future of TUS6. In the meantime, I'm planning on working on another fan script unrelated to 'Sliders'... if you're interested, don't worry, I'll announce it here when it's done.

But for now, the updates. The most noticable one is that the FAQ has been updated to reflect the current situation of TUS6. Go have a look-see.

But also of note is the fact that TUS6 is in its first website competition -- the Internet site competition at the upcoming Archon. You can vote on the competition here. Make sure to look over all the contestants and choose wisely. Naturally, we'd like you to vote for us, but I'm not going to force you.

See you later on, cats and kittens.

Early A.M. 8/16/00

The unveiling is here!

Take a look at the newly redesigned Episodes list! It's all new, all now, all hip, all wow! Rest assured that, at the former, traditional address, the classic episode list still exists (see it here), for those of you with slower modems. But I highly recommend you take a look at the images I've whipped for the series at least once. They took a number of weeks (since the last update), and I'm quite proud.


We're not quite dead yet! In fact, we're getting better!

There's a correction to the information on the Other Seasons page, plus there's a new title image at the top.

What else? Well, I'm thinking it's time we talked about the results of that poll. Obviously, there have been two incredibly popular responses. The first is that I write a story that brings back Arturo and/or Wade. Don't worry, I'm working on planning that out in my head now. The other is that I add a section for all you other writers out there to do your own TUS6 spinoff stories. So, who's up for it? E-mail me and let me know if you've got a story you'd like to write/have written that would fit here. If I get enough responses, that section will be added before long!


We're back. Well, I'm back. Anyway, I've moved the numerous "season 6" links onto a separate page, entitled Other Seasons, since the list was getting quite long and having all of those banners to load on top of the Links banners took forever. On top of this, I've removed the Sliders Video Campaign from the Links page. It's a great campaign that should be fought for, don't get me wrong... but no one is updating that site anymore. The petition alone has sat dormant for years. So there's no use in linking to it.


Another Season Six site added to the Links page, from Slider_Quinn21. It's a truly unique season, worth a look.

And that's the last update for now. See you with more in July.


So, what's going to happen to the site in June?

Well, I wish I had better news. But the truth is, TUS6 will probably not be updated this month. You can expect updates to resume around July 10.

Why? Well, I'm off to England to study British Lit for a month. My Internet access will be limited while I'm gone, so my site updates and e-mail will be sparse and minor.

However, come July, things will hopefully get back on track and updates will resume. Keep on voting in the Poll, check out the other Season 6 sites, and stay tuned. There may be more adventures to be read on this site yet.


Today is the end of an era. After four months of presenting to you "viewers" the best possible continuation of "Sliders" that we know how... the TUS6 Sliders series finale is now up.

I firmly believe that, in a more perfect universe, this is how Sci-Fi could've ended the show. It isn't an action piece. There are moments of comedy, but not too many. This is a heartfelt goodbye to the characters we've come to know so well since 1995.

But is this really the end? Well folks, it doesn't necessarily have to be! I'm considering continuing the series on, in some form or another. And if you want to let your voice be heard in how that should happen, please vote in our new poll. It's a poll about the future of TUS6. Where do you think we should go from here? Click on the link, read all of the options, and choose what you like best. You may want to read the finale before you pick, though.

Finally, I offer you a few words of warning. This episode is very heavy on the continuity of the show over the past six seasons. I'm proud of that, actually. There's a lot or respect for established "Sliders" continuity here at TUS6.

By the way, this is an ideal moment for you to e-mail me and let your thoughts on the finale and the series as a whole be known!

In addition to the new episode, I've also added a banner for the Dimension of Continuity to the Links page. It's not a new link, just a better-looking one.

I'll be back with some more information on the state of the page in June soon!


The rumors are true. It's here. The ninth episode from TUS6: The Freshmaker!

'Layover' is a long entry, and it's the next to last episode of 'Sliders'... at least on this world. And in case you haven't figured it out, in the TUS6niverse, Jerry did agree to do two episodes of the show to close it out -- as long as his brother got to be in twice that amount, naturally.

Anyway, even the theme song is updated this time to celebrate the newly expanded cast of six sliders, and we're on way to the finale.

Which brings me to a question often asked of me lately. What happens when the TUS6 series run ends? Well, never fear. The site will continue to be updated with new sections, new goodies, and more. And even more importantly, there's now a solid chance that TUS6 may continue in the form of a "TV Movie/Special" at some point after the regular series ends. There'll be a vote on that, and what the plot should be, next time when the finale is uploaded.

The finale should be up in two weeks or so -- I'm giving myself some leeway to make sure it's absolutely perfect. It'll be a more peaceful adventure than the sliders are usually put through, ensuring that the series will go out on top with a pleasant whisper rather than a battle-filled bang.

Enjoy the latest episode, and you know the rest of the drill: When you read it, e-mail me and let me know what you think, blah blah. Okay? Okay.


That controversial character from the Dominion board, Hakavonn, now has a site running for his Sliders 'Finale', a fanfic resolution to the cliffhanger in 'The Seer.' It's on the Links page now, in the Season Six section.

Also, many of you who may have tried to access Full Circle for their premiere have likely found that it has been delayed due to personal obligations. Obviously perfectly understandable, and I'm sure that, like me, you all will be waiting patiently to see the direction they'll take when they get started.

Early A.M. 5/10/00

Episode, episode, who's got the episode?

Well, we do, obviously, and so do you, because 'The Difference, Part 2' is up.

This episode changes our heroes forever, and has them all dealing with a lot of emotional stress brought on by a variety of factors. It also plays very heavily on events from 'The Unstuck Man', the fifth season premiere. I think this little two-parter has been a great chance to once again explore the stronger side of Diana. She's not much of a fighter when it comes time to battle, but she's got her convictions, that's for sure, and she stands up for herself, her friends, and her beliefs.

This episode also features a special "guest star", the return of an actor seen before in a recurring role on 'Sliders'. Not one of the former sliding crew. You'll just have to see for yourself.

With only two episodes left, TUS6 is alive and kicking harder than ever before. Believe it or not, we may even reach 9000 hits by the time the next episode comes. That's pretty damn hard to believe, but I think the "Add Me" site additions has been a great boost.

Many, many thanks to everyone who responded to my plea for feedback last time. I once again remind you that I encourage feedback heavily -- it's those of you who write in that make a difference in the continual production of the sixth season of 'Sliders' here! I think I've responded to all of you who wrote in personally over the course of the series so far, but, if not, and I missed anyone, I apologize. Feel free to remind me.

Finally, remember, make your voice be heard! E-mail me and let me know what you think of the latest installment or those before it! Repeat e-mailers are always welcome, too.

Next episode should be in about one week. We're almost down to the finish here, but don't forget to check out Full Circle, which should still be premiering on the 12th this month. Stay tuned, gang.


An early treat is on the way for you TUS6-readers. The next episode, rather than being up this Sunday, will be up either tomorrow night or on Wednesday, instead. A nice, early episode release for those who check in regularly around here. See you soon.


Added an important link to the Links page. It's for the Sliders Video Campaign, as found on this website.

Why is this important? Think about it. Sure, we know the obvious bit name sci-fi shows are all on video. But if failures like VR.5 and Highlander: The Raven are already available in full on video - shows that lasted a single season or less - it suddenly just becomes embarrassing that Sliders isn't also out there, in some form or another (I'd prefer season box sets). So get your name on that petition and lets get to it!


Got Episode?

Well, you do now, because 'The Difference, Part 1' is up. It's the seventh episode of our sixth season of Sliders, and it means that only three episodes remain.

I think this one is one of the most honest ensemble pieces in the season so far. Everyone's got something important to do. I hope you enjoy it, and are anxious for part two in two weeks. Of course, feedback is encouraged...

In fact, very encouraged. I didn't get a whole lot of response to 'Faith', so now is the time to let your opinion be heard. Basically, I really want to know what those of you who care (hopefully, if you're here, that's a lot of you) think of how TUS6 going. So e-mail me and give me your thoughts on the latest adventures or the older ones. Okay?

In addition to this bit of wholesome goodness, I also attempted to archive the news, but it was all deleted instead! Well, no big loss, I guess.

Finally, I added a new banner for Earth Prime to the Links page. Earth Prime recently went through a major redesign, and it looks gorgeous. I highly suggest you check it out.

As stated above, about two weeks until the next one. That's May 14th. In the meantime, two days before that, Full Circle is scheduled to premiere their new season six. Give them a look-see, 'cause you know I will, too. And I'll once more direct you towards Slidemania's Season Six and warn you that if you haven't already looked at his stuff, do so now. He's at the halfway point of his sixth season, and if you don't give his tales a chance, you could very well be missing out.