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This is the home base for my web page, the part that's about me. Unfortunately. I notice that on most personal "me" pages, people tend to have pictures of everything from their dogs and cats down to their former next door neighbor Sal. And on top of that, they always seem to be under the mistaken impression that the readers of the page actually care... which they don't. I'm fully aware that no one wants to read about my life. It'd be boring as all hell. So I'm going to do my best to make this a quick and dirty page that will be over too fast for you to fall asleep.

I was born in Miami, FL, and I'm currently a student at the University of Missouri in Columbia, MO. My home away from school is based in St. Louis. There, that's a start. If you want the rest, it's elsewhere on this page...

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My parents still live in St. Louis for now, though that may be subject to change. My brother, Steve, lives in Denver, CO with his wife of one year, Debbi, where he produces the 6 PM news for an ABC affiliate. Like me he attended MU and got a degree in Journalism. My father did the same, but went on to work as a safety manager for the FAA. Go figure.


My best friends here at school are my girlfriend of a year and a half, Erica, and her roommate, Holly. Adrian, Kate, and my roommate Caleb are but a few of the some of the other friendly people around here. I've also got a distant friend in Angela. Of all of these people, however, Angela and Holly are the only ones with homepages. Technologically anorexic bastards.

In my free time, I love to watch movies. I love movies in general. Hell, it's almost disturbing. If you need an example of favorites, well, I love all of the ALIEN films. This is clearly evidenced by the "ALIEN FAQ" page that I've whipped up by updating that old, decaying FAQ file of yesteryear.
  • Alien FAQ Page
    I also love to write. And since another hobby of mine is being hooked on the five season of SLIDERS, I can further prove my love for writing as well as my extreme geek-hood by pointing out that I have even written some SLIDERS tales of my own, in my unofficial season 6. I am such the lamer.
  • Unofficial Season 6